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The Megaro Eatery Takeaway - POP Sapori


We take food and service pretty seriously, but not ourselves. Escapism is fun, loud, and tasty. Experiment with our food and enjoy yourself, you make the rules here.

Stracciatella: creamy hart of the burrata; Sfilatino: Italian-style baguette; Coppa Piacentina: cured and air-dried pork neck; Provola: stretched-curd Italian cheese; Fontina: semi-soft cheese from northern Italy; Salumi: the Italian word for charcuterie; Affogato: literally meaning ‘drowned’, i.e. ice cream or sorbet drowned in coffee or spirits; Carta di Musica: traditional crispy flat bread from Sardinia (IT)

We love homemade food and sadly this will mean that all dishes may contain traces of any major allergens. Our team will explain if you are curious.

V = Veggie, VG = Vegan, GF = Gluten-free

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